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Meetings are held every other Tuesday from 6 pm to 7 pm in 13-117.


$25, paid to club treasurer by the first quarter. Includes free access to all SENVE events (except Snow Trip, but includes camping trips etc) and professional membership to the Air and Waste Management association (as long as you remember to fill out the form and return it!). SENVE covers $10 of your professional membership, and if you pay dues and fill out the form in time, you will get a $5 discount on membership.

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Click here to visit the department website, which contains scholarship and job information, department events, etc.

Attend the annual major specific Career Fair and Networking Session in January.

Become a member to access great things like the SENVE Textbook Bank.

Visit Building 13, Room 201A where the SENVE lounge is located for free printing, hot water, and coffee.


​​HAZWOPER Training is offered twice a year; learn more here.

Fellow department club, Chi Epsilon offers FE exam review sessions. Subscribe to our email to learn more.

Join the club to attend talks from industry professionals (plus free pizza!) and tours of relevant places, such as wastewater treatment plants or new construction!

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Competition Teams

WERC: A design competition for water and energy usage solutions. Takes place during fall and winter quarter.

PSWC Environmental Team: A water filtration design build competition. Takes place winter quarter.

ECi: A mock consulting competition which takes place during spring quarter. Presentations occur at the AWMA National Conference.

All are opportunities to travel, receive tech elective units, and learn by doing.

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